Information on coronavirus

Publié le 12 mars 2020

Given the changing nature of the situation, UPEC applies the national recommendations and implements specific measures.

information coronavirus
information coronavirus

TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 0 800 130 000

This toll-free number, set up by the French Ministry for Solidarity and Health, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, this telephone platform is not entitled to provide medical advice, which is provided by SAMU-Centers 15.

Stage 3 main measures

Given the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic, the French President announced on March 12 a series of measures, which include the closure to the public of all higher education establishments from Monday March 16.

As a consequence, UPEC will be closed to the public from Monday March 16, 2020 until further notice.
This applies to initial training and life-long learning activities, as well as university libraries and restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, etc.
These measures have been taken to best protect the entire population.

Since Tuesday March 17 at 12.00 pm and for a minimum of 15 days, travel have been prohibited on the whole territory, except in exceptional cases and only provided they have a certificate. Moving about is prohibited, except in the following cases:

  • Travel from home to work when remote work is not possible. You must be able to justify this obligation with an employer certificate;
  • Make essential purchases in authorized local shops;
  • Go to a health professional;
  • Go out for childcare or to help vulnerable people and only provided barrier gestures are respected;
  • Exercise only on an individual basis, around the home and without any gathering.

 The only valid certificates are the official certificates printed or written on plain paper. The employer certificate is the only one that is valid for the entire lockdown period and therefore does not have to be renewed every day.

Download the individual travel certificate
Download the employer certificate

Urban transport will continue to operate, but the population is invited to reduce their travel, and in particular to avoid inter-urban travel.

Educational continuity at UPEC

Face-to-face training is all suspended. Students will no longer be allowed to enter UPEC premises.
Distance education and knowledge assessment solutions will be available in the coming days. In collaboration with the Faculty directors, the training managers will inform the students of the new methods which will be gradually implemented. Students who do not have computing tools to access these online solutions that will be available are invited to contact their training manager.

Research continuity at UPEC

In accordance with the instructions of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation sent on Sunday March 15, it is recommended that laboratories massively implement remote work, with limited exemptions. > Find out more

Administrative continuity at UPEC

In accordance with the Prime Minister's decisions, administrative functions must be organised by remote work as much as possible, subject to the essential activities which fall under UPEC's activity continuity plan. > Find out more

Mobility abroad

All mobility and missions abroad are now suspended until further notice.
UPEC will do everything to support its students in their course of study.
All people located in the areas at risk and those who wish will be repatriated.

UPEC contacts on the coronavirus

- For health related questions, UPEC University Health Service remains at your disposal :
- For university related questions (training, research, administration) : 01 82 39 20 20
- For mobility and missions abroad related questions :